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stealing your own nose

Rum... Monkey... Ropes... Ducks... Whips... Collars... More ducks... Even more ducks... LMAO!

Sadistic Seme
Sadistic Seme
Take Are you a Seme or an Uke? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
It takes a special kind of uke to handle the punishment you dish out. Making them beg for mercy is what you're all about. You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. It's no fun if they don't struggle, and struggle and torture is what the Dramatic Uke, your perfect match, lives for. Now you can get pins of your result here.


Hi. I know this is kind of random, but I wasn't sure where else to post it... I thought it'd be cool to print out some icons to decorate notebooks and stuff, and was wondering if I can use one of yours? it's a crawford one that says 'looks manipulable' from around june 2006. Can't find the post anymore though... I can still credit it and write your name on the back or something, if you want. If you'd rather I don't use it though, I won't. Thanks!
That sounds like a really cool idea. ^_^
It's fine with me if you use it.
Do you want me to send it to you or did you already download the icon?
Yes, please credit me.
I have a copy already. Thanks very much! :D