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Tokyo Sling



Wow my reputation has gotten far lol!
Oh my bad that said smut lolo
What did you read? *curious* x.X
Slut lol


What a funny sign XD Lurve smutt :3
quick question where can i download Attenochi?

Re: Lul

Either here or here... or if you want to wait till the 1st September you can find it at my website again... Damn Bandwith -_-

Re: Lul

lol thank you soo much, i cant believ i forgot aarinfantasy XD


I like to think there a section of people that just really HATE EMS. Once I ordered anime goods for a friends birthday, and got three separate notices left on my front door that said failed attempt at delivery (and the last to pick it up at the Post office). I went the next day and it took them about 20 minutes to find my package because it was on THE CONVEYOR BELT GOING BACK TO JAPAN (that day)!!!! TT_TT I wanted to kiss the nice woman that thought to look there TT_TT Same as you ~ home all day for all three deliveries >_


Oh, and thanks for all you hard work ^_^ Yay, naruto dj XD (hope you get your package soon ^_^ )
I already got it... and scanned it... and translated it... It was "Attenochi". ^_^