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Tokyo Sling

Don't lie to me...

I really hate lies. -_-

The reason why I'm so pissed right now is this video:

The one who uploaded said it's HER translation, and all.
But really, the way it's edited, the fonts used, it's clearly mine!

I wrote her meassage:


there is something I wanted to ask you.
You said that this is your translated version, right?
Could you please explain me why you used (a partly edited version of) my release?

I honestly don't know what I should think about that...

- Meian

And this is the reply:

yes i did this and i have some more Doujinshi that i bought and i translated myself i didnt know that you had it already .. me and my friend both work on this Doujinshi i think its not best but we work so hard ...
ok... just tell me what you really think be honest because im been honest right now..

Honest?! Didn't know that I had it already?!
It's also interesting to see previous video, in which the sound words weren't edited very well at all. So, how come, that this part is so much different compared to the last video?!


Best wishes .... ;)
I'm sorry to post this here but....
I'm currently trying to find several naruto djs that you worked on. I didn't have much luck this far...
your website Utopia doesn't work for me (or do I have a bad link?). Do you know where I could find your scanlation works?

sorry and thanks in advance
Which URL did you try to access?
You could either try:




Both should work.