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Utopia is offline

Hello everybody,

as you've probably seen already, Utopia is currently offline.
This entry shall explain why.

Yesterday when I got home I had received an e-mail from my host. Here's an extract of that e-mail:

Hi there,

Your account is hosted on a 'shared hosting server' where other clients have a website hosted on the same server as your website.

Our systems have detected that your website has been causing massive server load for a prolonged period.

We acknowledge your website is very popular and that the high server load which is being created is caused by the success of your domain and work!

We would like to continue hosting your websites, however this is no longer possible on a 'shared hosting server'. We need you to consider upgrading your shared hosting to a Virtual Server or VPS.

As you can see, the site isn't offline because I wanted it to and it surely won't stay offline very long. However I can't bring it back online now since I need more money for this ( $19.99 to be more precisely ).

I can't afford this now, that's why the site will have to stay offline a little longer (I'm only talking about weeks, not months or years).

Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you want to help to bring the site back online, I would love you forever.

Please don't be angry. Utopia will be back.

- Meian


Is the 19.99 monthly or one time? If you have paypal or something I'd love to help you out if needed.
It's monthly. Really? You're willing to help out? I'd love you forever if you are.
I have PayPal. Shall I send you my PayPal account by PM?
I can help out a little bit as well.

Have you thought about a donate button on the site with a little gauge of how much you need? I know a lot of successful scanlation related sites do that.

Also, don't limit to just paypall, google checkout is good as well (I'm just not sure how it is set up).
Really? ~~~<3
I already have a donate button on the site. Google Checkout? I think this is the first time I'm hearing that name.
However, since my host only accepts credit cards and PayPal, there is no reason for me to sign up for Google Checkout.
I can't really do much for monthly...but I can help a little for now. Just $5 though.

I'm not sure how g checkout works. I just know I used it for this online comic book/graphic novel bookstore and they wouldn't take paypal but they had google checkout. I assume it's a safer(?) way to use credit cards online.

I just thought I would mention it since I've seen it in a few other places as well.
Each bit helps. ^_^

I don't have a credit card (sometimes I wish I had, so I could buy from other shops. Ebay can be quite expensive...)
My credit card is just a debit card that functions as one. It just takes money from my bank and I don't get hit with interest rates.

So where's the link/e-mail to the paypal?
My PayPal account is

Done, girlie.
Thanks a billion <3

The site is back online, btw. ^^
u_ù $19.99 per month is a lot of money! O_O this host server is too expensive! i would like help you too but now i can't i'm out of money ç_ç... but i can suggest you a good hosting service http://www.aruba.it gives unlimited space for €24 per year.
The 24€ belong to a shared hosting account, right?
You see, $19.99 is expensive, you're right, but the site can't stay on a shared hosting account.
In fact, the site you suggested would charge 49€ per month for the same service I have now.

The problem is the site got suspended because it took to much RAM of the amount that is shared between all users. This way it won't be a good idea to just change to another shared hosting account.

The way it is now, Utopia won't have to share anything with other members.
Sorry it took me so long to reply! So much going on ~ Anywho once I am back home I will def send - kleine6kaetzchen@gmx.de? Right?

...Also, has the site url changed? Still doesn't seem to be working for me
Nevermind its working! I'ma silly goose. And I also see the dontate button. Awesomeness!!!!