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Tokyo Sling

Utopia is back online

The downtime is finally over!
Utopia is back online! =D

- Meian


Are you sure ? Because when I go to your website, there is writing
"Not Found.
The requested URL /01/index.html was not found on this server.".
Has the website adress changed ?
Yes, the site is definitely back online.
You shouldn't, however, try to reach the site using .../01/index.html
Just use either:




If that still doesn't work you should try deleting your temporary internet files, cache and your cookies.

I was wondering if you mind if I translate some of yours scans into spanish and french òwó

of course, credits won't be removed :3

thanks ^^
I don't mind if you leave the credits but I'd still like to ask you to fill in this form: http://www.utopia-doujinshi.info/03/utopian_languages_form.php

- Meian