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Tokyo Sling

Lumi is trying to drive me crazy, for sure.
I was lying down and Lumi came in, meowing and jumping on me.
'Okay' I thought 'he needs to be cuddled.'
Then dear Lumi's paw reached out in slow motion(!), right on my nose and smacking it some times. When he realised that I wouldn't cuddle him while he's hitting my nose, he settled for another option. He threw my cell phone down which was lying on the table so I had to pick it up again. My hands were free to pick the cell phone up so Lumi seized his chance and caught hold of one of my hands. I cuddled him before I got cold again and hiding under my sheets to warm me up.
But now Lumi knew how to get me to cuddle him, so he slapped the cell phone again and tried to threw it down the table again. To no avail since I held Lumi apart from it and luckily Lumi ignored the cell phone for once and went straight to the orange juice bottle and tried to threw that one down instead. Again to no avail. This game lasted for quite some minutes, each time Lumi tried to threw something else down.

He surely is a clever little cat. =^_^"=